Personnal work

Summer 2019
Humoristic illustrations for instagram.
Slide to discover a sequence.

75 years of Le Monde (FR)

Autumn 2019
Two illustrations for the newspaper Le Monde
illustrate articles about woman in football
and petrol in the seventies.

Pernod Ricard (FR)

Spring 2019
First collaboration with Creasenso to create four
illustrations with Pernod Ricard about 3 topics : nurturing terroir,
valuing people, circular making and responsable hosting.

Air France (FR)

Winter 2019
Collaboration with Creasenso. Air france ask us to create
an illustration about water in the planes.

Risograph printing (FR)

Summer 2019
Commission for Transfert, Nantes, an hybrid cultural place.

Vertou, "Lire et s'ouvrir" festival (FR)

Autumn 2019
The city of Vertou ask us to create two illustrations
to promote "Lire et s'ouvrir" festival.

Diablo Magazine (US)

Autumn 2019
We create an illustration for Diablo magazine, CA, 
to illustrate the city of Concord, California.

Cosmopolitan (US)

Summer 2019
Series of illustration for an article about relationship.


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